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In 2005, the Kelton Family submitted a completed application addressing the 870-acre Ferrini Ranch. The proposed submitted land use plan sets aside 600 acres (nearly 70% of the total area) as permanent open space. The plan also calls for development of 212 carefully-sited new residences in areas that have little or no visibility from Hwy 68.

Since submission of the proposed plan, a Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) and a Recirculated DEIR have been prepared by the County and include Reduced Impact Alternatives.

A new Reduced Impact Alternative 5A/B increases open space from 70% to 80% of the project area. 5A/B also reduces the number of residential units from 212 to 185, and reduces the size of the wine-related/visitor-serving facility at River Road from 110,000 to 28,500 square feet. 5A/B incorporates widening a segment of Highway 68 and includes a new signalized intersection on Hwy 68 that can assist traffic in and out of the project area and Toro Park Estates and help reduced traffic cutting through the Toro Park Estates neighborhoods. 5A/B also eliminates an access road across a portion of Toro Regional Park and eliminates a frontage road on the Ferrini property paralleling Highway 68. Click here for more information.


Proposed Land Uses at Ferrini Ranch

The map outlines the Ferrini Ranch property (elongated bright green areas). The Ferrini property is bounded by Hwy 68 to the northwest, San Benancio Road to the southwest and River Road to the northeast. Surrounding and existing developed areas are marked in light brown. The vast protected open spaces of Fort Ord, Toro Park and Marks Ranch are marked in olive green. The proposed land uses for Ferrini Ranch, as it has evolved through the environmental review process, are marked in bright green (open space), orange (proposed residential development) and purple (proposed wine-oriented facility by River Road). The flatlands visible from Highway 68 and nearly 70% of the overall land area (noted in bright green) are preserved as permanent open space.

If Reduced Impact Alternative 5A/B is adopted, permanently dedicated open space will increase from 70% to 80% of the property, the number of residential housing units will decrease from 212 to 185 units, the size of the wine-related/visitor-serving facility will decrease from 110,000 to 29,000 square feet, and a new signalized intersection and widening of a segment of Highway 68 will be included.



  • Establish large permanent open spaces.
  • Continue the history of cattle grazing on much of the open space.
  • Create a well-planned, quality residential community.
  • Create a wine-oriented facility that serves as a gateway to Monterey County’s Wine Corridor.
  • Create an economically viable and sustainable area use plan.
  • Provide public access and recreational opportunities via a pedestrian and biking path connecting to Toro Regional Park, River Road and San Benancio Canyon.
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