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The Kelton family has already placed easements over more than 180 acres of the original 1,062-acre ranch. The proposed Ferrini Ranch plan sets aside nearly 70% of the remaining property as permanent open space. Conservation and/or scenic easements placed on open space acres mean that the underlying land can never be developed and will always remain as is. The addition of new permanent open space (see image to right) supplements nearby parkland, open space, biological resources, and natural habitat, including protection of wildlife corridors.

70 80% of the Ferrini Ranch property preserved as additional permanent open space

The Ferrini Ranch plan works to expand open space and recreation in the Toro area by preserving in perpetuity 600 acres of the ranch as open space, protecting scenic corridor views and creating a new bike and pedestrian pathway connecting Toro Regional park, River Road and San Benancio Canyon.

The Ferrini Ranch plan:

  • Places conservation easements over nearly 70% of the ranch land under the proposed plan

  • Increases the amount of permanently preserved open space on the Ferrini property to 80% (703 of the remaining 870 acres) if Reduced Impact Alternative 5A/B in the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) is adopted and approved

  • Retains grazing of the bull field and most of the lupine field

  • Protects key wildlife corridors in perpetuity

  • Permanently preserves key scenic views from Highway 68

  • Creates a new recreational walking/biking path that would safely connect Toro Regional Park, River Road and San Benancio Road

  • Retains 97% of the 29,500 oak trees on the property

Views from Highway 68 preserved

Each of the existing views of Ferrini Ranch displayed below would be virtually unchanged and preserved under the proposed development plan.

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