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Thank you for visiting the Ferrini Ranch website. The purpose of this website is to provide accurate public information about plans for proposed development of a portion of the 870-acre property known as Ferrini Ranch along Highway 68. Proposed plans include retaining 70-80% of the property in permanent open space, development of a limited number of residences, and a wine-related/visitor-serving facility.


Reduced Impact Alternative 5A/B is considered the environmentally-superior alternative in the recirculated DEIR. This alternative increases the amount of open space from 70% to 80%, reduces the number of housing units being proposed from 212 to 185, and reduces the size of the wine-related/visitor-serving facility at River Road from 110,000 to 28,500 square feet.

Reduced Impact Alternative 5A/B incorporates widening a segment of Hwy 68 and includes a new signalized intersection on Hwy 68 to assist traffic in and out of Toro Park Estates and help reduce traffic cutting through those neighborhoods. 5A/B also eliminates an access road across a portion of Toro Regional Park and eliminates a frontage road on the Ferrini property paralleling Highway 68.

Following submission of a proposed plan for development of the Ferrini Ranch property, the County prepared a Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) in 2012 (as is required by law) to review potential environmental impacts of the proposed land uses. Reduced Impact Alternatives have been created as part of the environmental review process. A Recirculated DEIR is now out for public review and comment until August 18, 2014.

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A Well-Balanced Plan

Monterey County land use plans have anticipated development of the Ferrini Ranch for over 40 years. Early plans called for development of virtually all the flat land visible from Highway 68. The 1980 Toro Vista Specific Plan provided for development of Ferrini Ranch with 599 residential units (later reduced to 447) and a 5-acre commercial development. Based on community input and consultation with the County’s planning and environmental staff, the Kelton family reworked its plan for Ferrini Ranch along Highway 68 near Salinas in order to:

  • Preserve key scenic viewsheds from Highway 68, San Benancio Road and River Road
  • Preserve a majority of the property as permanent and dedicated open space, including preserving wildlife corridors and grazing lands
  • Substantially reduce the number of residential units to be built on the property
  • Provide for limited and carefully planned development of homes and the wine-oriented facility
  • Create a new bike/pedestrian path linking Toro Regional Park to River Road and San Benancio Road
  • Assist with funding for Washington School District and road improvements to Highway 68

Potential Opportunities for the Toro Community 

  • Permanently preserves key scenic views from Highway 68, River Road and San Benancio Road
  • Retains grazing of the bull field and retains most of the lupine field to support a healthy landscape and wildflower growth
  • Protects wildlife corridors in perpetuity
  • Creates a quality residential community with housing opportunities for residents today and for future generations
  • Creates new business opportunities for local wineries with a wine-oriented, visitor/tasting facility linking local wineries with Monterey County’s Wine Corridor
  • Promotes local employment by working with local businesses for the planning and the construction of the project
  • Provides substantial new funding for the local school district
  • Creates a bike/pedestrian path that safely connects Toro Regional Park, River Road and San Benancio Road
  • Provides a fair share contribution of funds, or actual work, for widening a portion of Highway 68 --- and if Reduced Impact Alternatives 3B or 5A/B are selected, will provide a new signalized at-grade intersection to improve safety and help reduce area congestion
  • Does not draw water from the Toro Basin --- water is from the Salinas Valley aquifer. The property owners have been paying standby fees for Zones 2A and 2C for many years
  • Supplements the 180+ acres of open space already dedicated by the Kelton family for agricultural and scenic easements


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